Nina Ottosson Dog Toys are a new line of toys designed for dogs, to provide them with physical as well as mental activity and make them healthier in both ways. Find out about 3 treat-based dog toys from the Nina Ottosson line.

Dog Twister

The toy is circular, tray-like in shape. You have to hide treats under the blocks on the outer circle of the toy. Your canine companion has to find a way to get access to the concealed treats by moving one after another block in various directions around a circle. It comes with three levels of difficulties, and you can step up the difficulty level to the next one once your pet gets accustomed to the previous level. Your dog has to learn how to lift the pegs to be capable of moving the blocks and accessing the treats. This is a great way to forge a strong relationship with your dog, and while playing you can also teach him various words such as:

  • Sit
  • Find it
  • Go back
  • Go ahead

Praise your dog just immediately after it manages to find the treats by moving the blocks in different directions.

Dog Brick

The toy is shaped just like a tray and your dog has to pull the discs to a side to find the goodies hidden under them. It is easily designed and your canine buddy can use its nose or paw to slide the pieces. The game ensures physical as well as mental stimulation for dogs. It can be a fun indoor game for very hot or rainy days.

Nina Ottosson Pyramid Wobbler Dog Treat Toy

This dog toy has a unique shape, and your dog can easily paw and roll it to get out the treats stored within. It has a heavy base that allows the toy to stand erect. Your pet can wobble it from one side to another and play with it throughout the day. It is made unique due to some outstanding features:

  • Can be filled with treats or foods
  • Made of durable, soft TPE rubber material
  • Consists of hole that helps randomly release treats
  • Rolls around or rocks sideways to engage your pet
  • Noise-free while playing

You may use this toy to feed meals to your dog or provide them with the treats of their choice while they play. It is made out of comfortable and long-lasting rubber material.


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