If you want to understand the history of smoking tobacco, which is the foundation for the modern pastime of vaping, you’ll need to go back a few thousand years. The two common strains of this plant were first cultivated for use primarily in the areas that are now Ecuador and Peru. As visitors experienced this habit through the centuries, they eventually brought it back to England and several other European countries and it spread quickly.

As prices dropped with increased imports, more and more people began to smoke this leaf. People used pipes for smoking and tried drying small particles of tobacco which were inhaled (snuff). Some individuals began to smoke cigarettes — tobacco rolled in thin paper. The rest, as they say, is history. Tobacco become the basis for a massive industry with hundreds of different products manufactured for millions of smokers.

Health Concerns

It could be argued that increasing concern about the health problems caused by smoking tobacco led to the now-popular pastime of vaping. At first, however, tobacco companies produced cigarettes that supposedly caused fewer health problems but this dropped by the wayside as studies showed there was no perfectly safe way to inhale tobacco smoke. Then a new trend developed, one that is now recognised around the world as a way to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes or as a substitute for it.

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Not only will you find quality e-juices, handmade to exacting standards, but you’ll also benefit from the unmatched customer service. Whether you’re a vaping veteran or just starting to learn, you’ll find electronic cigarettes and vaping in general a great way to save money. In addition, it’s a convenient way to get away from discarding those annoying butts. Use your modern equipment time and time again with your choice of excellent e-liquids.


When you browse the website of a leading provider of vaping equipment, supplies, and juices, you’ll have access to premium e-liquids, of course. But you might want to take some time to look into the variety of flavours offered along with mods, clearomisers, batteries, drip tips, cartomisers, and even do-it-yourself supplies. If you’re not familiar with vaping just yet, be sure to talk to a member of the staff about starter kits.

Once you’ve educated yourself about tobacco as compared to the benefits of vaping, you’re likely to make the change. If you’re one of the people who’ve enjoyed vaping for several years, you’ve found the source for the finest in liquids, equipment, and supplies. Don’t hesitate to try some of the remarkable new flavours available. A final word: Enjoy your vaping experience.

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