Anyone that works within the retail industry will understand how tough it is in such a competitive marketplace. You can’t afford to stand still as your competitors will be well placed to take advantage. One way to ensure that you are at the top of your game is to constantly review the customer service practice you have in place and how your staff members are fairing in terms of company policy and communication with customers in a variety of circumstances. Mystery shopping can be a vital component of this review process, but video mystery shopping has a wider range of benefits to take advantage of.

Fast Evaluation of Processes and Situations – You know your store inside out, every nook and cranny, but familiarity can often lead to complacency. Seeing your store through the eyes of a video mystery shopper allows you to see the store in a new light, to see how they navigate the store, how different product locations and promotional materials are looked at, and also how your staff appear at various stages of the customer journey.

Clear Evidence for Disagreements – With traditional forms of mystery shopping it can be easy for your staff members to dispute the version of events put forward by the mystery shopper. With video mystery shopping there can be no arguments as you have the footage, with both visual and audio, of the incident in question. This way you can get a fast appreciation of how your staff members work and how your customers are being interacted with.

Improve Training – Training is important within retail in order for staff members to fully understand their role within the organisation and to see how they should be tweaking their approach. Feedback is key to improving standards and what better way to achieve this than by having real video footage of how staff members have worked. You can work even more closely on certain areas of weakness that need to be improved upon.

Are Customer Service Procedures Being Followed? – Video mystery shopping allows you to see up close and personal how your staff members interact with customers in a variety of circumstances. You can clearly see whether the procedures and policies that you have in pace relating to customer service are being followed and whether your customers are leaving the store happy with their experience in relation to your staff.

Improve Customer Loyalty – By utilising the data received from video mystery shopping you can begin to grow as a company, putting in place training and procedural tweaks that can improve the service you provide to your customers. Your returning customers will witness this improvement first hand, and as a result you can build a strong and loyal customer base that will stand you in good stead as you grow as a company.


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