In this particular article, I intend to show:

• The potential risks of purchasing cheap prospects

• How you can place signs the prospects are extremely cheap

• How to locate a trustworthy data supplier

Why Can Cheap Data Be considered a Risk?

The foremost and most critical risk connected with buying cheap prospects may be the quality. Generally inexpensive leads are full of issues, for example poor precision across many data elements, a substantial quantity of duplicate records as well as an lack of ability to focus on or focus the results in the needed audience.

These factors alone could make cheap prospects a choice that’s simply not worth it.

Along with the proven fact that money might be wasted because the data might not be of sufficient precision, you will find further consequential costs that need considering.

Low quality prospects can result in wasting budget in postal and telemarketing campaigns, using the funds being allocated to ineffectual print, this or even the staffing costs of performing a telemarketing campaign.

Finally, could also be a substantial risk to some business’s status because of communications with customers which have clearly opted out, and also require died, moved away or are clearly not looking for confirmed service or product.

The Indicators that Prospects are extremely Cheap

Just like other areas of existence, if it’s too good to be real, it always is and purchasing prospects aren’t any exception. It goes without saying so good quality information is pricey to compile and keep and for that reason attracts a smart cost.

If leads are now being offered by well underneath the market rate then keep clear.

In the same manner, when the price is readily slashed with no credible business reasons being established for the requirement for a lesser rate, then it is really an indicator of cheap low quality data.

Finally, when the supplier doesn’t offer services and products that deliver added value and therefore are purely happy to supply a pre-prepared, high volume leads in a low cost, this will probably be another danger signal the information is not worth purchasing.

How to locate a Trustworthy Supplier Listing

• Could they be part of a business body for example ICO?

• Would they provide obvious information about how the information is collated and updated?

• Can the leads be sorted and filtered for targeting?

• May be the data accurate, targeted and relevant to your demands?

• Is the amount of information provided sufficient for researching leads in front of contacting them?

• Would they increase the value of the campaign in different ways than simply offering data? For instance managing contacts tools or CRM or perhaps email platform.

Hopefully this information has shown that purchasing data will not be purely according to cost. Quality is easily the most relevant element in the need for data and it is always worth thinking about if you wish to extract the finest returns out of your campaigns.

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