The latest fashion nowadays is the lightweight casual fleece jackets for men. It is a simple type of jacket made out of polyester synthetic wool such as Polar Fleece. What’s different about these jackets is that these jackets have a typical zipper in the front rather than buttons or any other fasteners. These fleece jackets came into existence as an outerwear in a market in 1979 by the company called as Malden Mills.

These fleece jackets are the must-have jackets for men. They are perfect for any season and any occasion and can easily be styled with anything. The fabrics they use to make these jackets are the combination of synthetic fibers and sheep wool which has given the name ‘fleece’ in the market. The wool part of the fabric gives the jacket a warmer touch which makes it suitable for the slightly cold weather where the synthetic fibers help in heat retention. This unique combination of materials makes fleece jacket lighter than a heavy woolen jacket and it makes them a perfect kind of jackets for men and women both. Many types of fleece jackets are available in the market these days including bomber jackets. The fleece jackets are durable, comfortable, lightweight, inexpensive and super cool. This jacket is a perfect outerwear for any weather thus it saves a lot of money that you may spend on buying different types of jackets for different seasons. Many websites provide amazing range of fleece jackets like,,, etc. For those who are still in dilemma of what kind of jacket to invest in, here are some tips to understand benefits of buying a fleece jacket.


It is very important to have airflow in jackets, especially in jackets for men as they tend to sweat more. If all the heat is trapped inside, you will be very uncomfortable. If you are planning to go for high energy activities then you need to ensure the proper ventilation in your outerwear to avoid overheating and proper protection from the cold.

  1. Material

These fleece jackets are made of the combination of polyester and wool which makes them a perfect mix of fabric, best for any kind of weather conditions. The amazing part is that the latest fleece jackets are fire resistant too, yes you heard right. The latest technology used for making jackets for men and women is using this fire retardant property in fleece jackets. Although the primary use of these jackets is to keep yourself warm if the situation leads you to different condition then these jackets will be your perfect companion always.

  1. Windproof layers

This amazing and unique factor of wind proofing makes fleece jackets one of their kind. As you may encounter heavy winds which comes along with snow and rain, this feature of fleece jackets comes to help. For those who like to go out for different adventures, these jackets are just the perfect.

  1. Perfect collars

When it comes to cold air, you may prefer those fleece who have the additional lining at the neck and wrists. Many of them come with elastic bands at the wrists making them perfectly warm from inside by restricting cold air to come inside. Some may also have similar elastic bands at the waistline for providing an extra layer of protection from cold air and keeping your body perfectly warm. It may not look perfectly styled up but it is an important feature when it comes to cold weather.

  1. Pockets

If you are going for a hike or a camping trip then you may buy your fleece jackets that come with pockets. Usually, fleece jackets come with either no pockets or the shallow ones but if you look harder you may find the ones with pockets easily. As the pockets are the important feature for any kind of jackets because they are used for carrying common items like keys, cell phones or just some snack to go. For those who want to buy jackets for men or women going for some vigorous activities may consider the fleece with mesh pockets.

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