You may have been observing the sky with your naked eyes. Would you not relish watching the celestial bodies up close? You would need a telescope. It would provide you with clear view of the universe from the comfort of your home. You may have the option of going to the planetarium to view the stars. That would not be possible every day. You would need to buy a telescope of your own. Until now, the universe was admired in terms of electromagnetic waves of visible light. However, Primalucelab has successfully changed it. The company has been providing to the telescope need of the people.

What does Primalucelab offer?

Are you contemplating on having a new telescope? You should be rest assured that telescope is an expensive investment. Therefore, you should be sure to pursue your hobby in order to make such an expensive investment. The company provides you with the best of telescopes at reasonable price. Their products have been tested and approved by the experts before the products are actually delivered to the customer.

Latest telescope suitable to your requirement and budget needs

The company has changed the trend with their state of the art telescopes and technology. The company offers you with a radio telescope. The Spider 230 would cater to your radio and telescope needs in the best manner possible. It is a radio telescope combining radio technologies with astronomy. The product is powerful, modern and relatively easy to use. It would not be wrong to state that this is the first radio telescope designed for radio astronomy. It would enable people to make use of this amazing science with easy to use, high performance product.

Brief description of the product

Before you actually start shopping for the product, you should have brief understanding and knowledge on the product. The radio telescope comes with a 2-3 meter diameter parabolic antenna. It offers the lowest possible weight. It has been designed to be used with equatorial mounts. It would work perfectly with RadioAstroLab receiver. It comes equipped with optical finder, support device for equatorial mounts, RadioUniverse control software, processing software and more. It is a complete and functional product suitable to your radio astronomy needs in the best possible manner.

Shopping for the product

You could order the product easily on the official website of Primalucelab. They would deliver the product within 30 days from the date you place the order. The company would pre-install and test the various components of the product before delivery.


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